I spent a lovely afternoon on a private beach in Nice. All along the stony pebbled beach are restaurants/ lounges where you can hire a chair. Last night, I asked my waiter for a recommendation, as the receptionist at my hotel was not helpful when I inquired. I think she did not understand my question. My waiter recommended Hi Plage (plage=beach in French), because they offer cushioned chairs and good service. It is where he goes. The private beaches are noted on the tourist map, making it easy to find. I go down the stairs and pay 12€ for my space. I ask about a towel, 6€ more. C’mon! I pay anyway. The beach is divided into 3 sections, family, active (with music, close to the bar/ restaurant) and quiet, no children allowed. I opt for quiet, as it is the section with the cushioned chairs.

Of course, strolling along the promenade etas-unis, also called promenade anglais, you see an occasional woman on the beach with her top off. Most of them are lying down, rarely, I see them walking along. The free boobs are more evident when you lay amongst them. I’ve been to nude beaches before, I accidentally found myself in the gay male section of one in Hawaii once, got there early am, when few others were around, didn’t realize it was a naked gay male beach until I was surrounded by what I termed the “sea of dicks”. At least in Barcelona, the hotel staff warned me about where the family beach ended and the nude beach started.

What I did not expect today, was to be faced with them from every angle, shape and size. There were brown ones, crystal white ones, very droopy ones, tiny ones, perky ones, I just didn’t need to see all of them. Mind you, it seemed more women had tops on (60%) than off. I thought to myself, this should improve a woman’s body image to see all of these natural, normal boobs. No implants here. Gravity is prominent. I recall sneaking into our basement in 4th grade with National Geographics, looking curiously at the boobs of naked African women.

I respect the choice to be as naked as one wants to be. I like to be naked in my house sometimes. I prefer not to be surrounded by the floppy personal parts of others, in Hawaii, France, Spain or elsewhere. Maybe they can create another section for tops / no tops, as a reprieve for those of us who just don’t need to see your boobs. We are paying clients, after all.




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  1. HAHAHAA.. The national geographic part is hilarious!! I suddenly remember making regular trips to the library to do the same during my schooling years. 😀

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