The last night of a long trip is the worst. I have to re-pack and re-organize all of my bags, and accommodate my acquisitions, which on this trip are few. However, they include 2 bottles of wine (made by the monks on Ile St Honorat) and 1 sparkling blanquette, which I can’t carry on, thanks to the terrorists. I feel like Lucy in the episode where she tries to smuggle cheese home from Paris, wrapped as a baby in a blanket. I have to make sure the bottles are packed in a way they will not break. Meanwhile, I need to weight and volume shift between bags to avoid overage charges. The wine purchase was a good idea, until I remembered I would not be allowed to carry it on.

I wish for fairies or elves to come and pack my bags, Snow White’s dwarves would do nicely. What I really need is a butler or servants. Not part of the amenity of a 2-star hotel. I know you can get butler service in high end 5-7 star hotels. For me, this is one night that would be *almost* worth it.

Instead of packing, I head out for a treat. I have only had sweets 3 times in the month I have been here, 1-ice cream, 1-chocolate crepe, 1-chocolate croissant. On my walking tour this morning, we passed a recommended ice cream shop, Fennochio. The square is packed at 9:30pm. People swarm around Fennochio. I ask to share a table with 2 young girls. The sundaes range from 10-25€. As much as I would love a sundae, I decide on a 3 scoop bowl for 5€. Rather than wait for the waiter, I buy from the counter. Caramel, Cacao and Cafe. The cacao flavor is rich and overpowers the others. I save it for last. The cafe is light, but distinctly tastes like coffee. The caramel is faint, I wish it were richer, like the cacao. None are overly sweet. I stroll back, enjoying the evening and my ice cream.


About molly2903

Southerner by culture - urban west coaster by lifestyle. Born in Atlanta, GA, grew up in aggie Fresno, CA and lived LA, Seattle, Philadelphia and Atlanta (current). Enjoyed a 20 year career in Fortune 100 pharmaceutical and biotechnology in all aspects of commercialization (Ph2b-5) - for folks not in the industry, I am an executive marketing and sales professional.

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