I was appalled to learn today in a report on abc news with Diane Sawyer that the uniforms designed and manufactured by Ralph Lauren for our US Olympic athletes are manufactured in China! As I dug further into the details, I learned that Ralph Lauren also designed and manufactured our US Olympic athletes’ uniforms in 2008….and manufactured them in China. He/ the company were criticized for the choice to manufacture outside the US in 2008. I guess Ralph Lauren did not learn in 2008 that Americans do not want their Olympic athletes’ uniforms manufactured in China. I cannot believe he and the executives in his company are that stupid, so I have to believe they do not care, because he/ they did it again. Manufactured in China.

In my view, Ralph Lauren’s choice to manufacture the US Olympic uniforms in China is irresponsible and a slap in the face to the US jobs index, the US economy and good ole’ American patriotism. According to Diane’s report (if I heard correctly), conducting the manufacturing in the US would have had a $1B impact on our economy. Seems like a missed opportunity to create jobs when foreclosures continue; our retail sector is suffering; and the economic pundits on CNBC are foreshadowing recession.

I am even more appalled at the publicity Ralph Lauren is receiving as the uniform designer. The morning talk shows all picked up the story and heralded the uniforms “designed by the American icon Ralph Lauren” as part of their Olympics coverage. Does an American icon send jobs overseas? The big debate on American talk TV is whether or not we like the berets that are part of the uniform. AGAIN, SERIOUSLY?!?!?!? Some of these shows even call themselves news shows? Why isn’t the talk about the more pertinent issue of Ralph Lauren’s choice to manufacture US Olympic uniforms in China.

I am mad about this, and I hope you are too. I am so mad I started a Facebook boycott page against Ralph Lauren. Please visit the Facebook page and spread the word not to buy Ralph Lauren products until he commits to manufacturing in the US. I am sure he can afford it, and his finance gurus can figure out how to make it work for the company.




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