I booked this trip barely a month before departure, for 2 reasons 1) my mother bought a new suitcase and informed me she was ready to go on another trip whenever I was and 2) I am always looking for a reason to go.  My mother and I began traveling after the death of my father.  It became something we do together.  The most notable moments of our adventures include climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge; seeing a German opera in the Sydney Opera House; riding the Royal Scotsman; a great white shark observation trip in Gansbaai; my bungy jumping 216 meters in S. Africa and more.

All of our trips start with what I call a mating dance. For this trip, it went this way:

Mom:  I went to TJ Maxx today.

Me:  OK, that’s nothing new, don’t you go like every week?

Mom:  Well……, I got a new suitcase.

Me:  Oh, OK, good for you.  What are you trying to say.

Mom:  Well, I’m just sayin’ I’m ready to go on a trip whenever you are.

Me:  I thought you said you went on too many trips last year and weren’t going on trips for a while.

Mom:  Well, that was last year, this is now.  I have a new suitcase and I’m ready.

Me:  OK, where do you want to go?

Mom:  I’ll go anywhere.  You just tell me when you’re ready and I’ll go.

Me:  But Mom, if you want to go on a trip, I want you to go where you want to go, so what do you think.

Mom:  Just anywhere is fine with me.

Me:  OK, fine, we can talk about this later.

The following week, after we repeated the “mating dance” above at least 4 times.

Me:  I am going to send you some different trip ideas on e-mail, so check your e-mail and let me know what you like.

Mom:  Ok, you know I don’t do good with the e-mail.  I will check it at the church on Monday.

The choices:

–“Viking Cruise” – 12 nights, from Southampton through Greenland/ Iceland to Nova Scotia, ending in NY

— China – hotel and land package with day tours

— New Zealand – N & S island hotel and land package

— ~”Holy Land Cruise” – 14 nights, Malta – Jerusalem – Egypt

— Northern Europe Cruise – 25 nights, Amsterdam, Norwegian fjords, Edinburgh, Dublin, Guernsey, Rouen, Southampton

Monday evening

Me:  So did you get the e-mails?  I sent you 5 choices.

Mom:  Well, I don’t want to go to China.

Me:  OK, what about the other ones.

Mom:  Are these cruises?

Me:  China and New Zealand are not, the rest are.

Mom:  Well, I don’t know.

Me:  What do you think about the Holy Land cruise.

Mom:  No, too hot there.

Me:  OK, well I do not want to go to New Zealand, because we’ve been there already.

**Fast Forward**

We settle on the 23-night cruise, which is what they call in the cruise industry, a back-to-back, because it is 2 cruises and we stay on the ship in the same cabin for both.  We chose this because it was, in our view a good deal based on the cruise ship amenities and the inclusive air fare and transfers.

I am writing this from Amsterdam.  Mom is asleep.  We board the ship tomorrow.  Are you ready to join us on our journey?


About molly2903

Southerner by culture - urban west coaster by lifestyle. Born in Atlanta, GA, grew up in aggie Fresno, CA and lived LA, Seattle, Philadelphia and Atlanta (current). Enjoyed a 20 year career in Fortune 100 pharmaceutical and biotechnology in all aspects of commercialization (Ph2b-5) - for folks not in the industry, I am an executive marketing and sales professional.

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  1. Mandy Houk says:

    Ha! Great first post. =)

  2. Ang says:

    Love it!!! At Montreat this weekend – consensus: everyone wants to be Molly. 🙂

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