We walked in a little before 5 pm, there were a few patrons at the bar, none at the tables, and 5+ serving staff on duty. All of the tables are tiny hightops with uncomfortable chairs that sit too low for the tables.

Our server brought us water and left. We had to wave and stare to get her attn. for drink orders and to ask about the special menu items. I inquired about a bottle of wine and was told “we were hit really hard over the weekend so we’re out of it.” No alternative was offered for the same price point. We should have left then.

We ordered a bottle of wine, when served, the wine was placed in the middle of the tiny table, rather than at the empty, adjacent table. I ordered a $10 salad and added-on steak as my protein for $8. To my surprise, the salad was the size of a small starter served in a square bowl. The steak was no more than 2-2.5 oz, five pieces the size of my pinkie finger. I tried to trim the fat from the edges of the steak, impossible with a table knife. Once again we had to wave and gesture extensively to ask the server for a steak knife. Even when I trimmed the steak, I bit into hard, inedible gristle. When I showed the server, she offered to have the kitchen cook it more. I explained it was cooked appropriately, but the quality of the meat was bad, inedible, and the portion. She offered to get me a new salad and send the manager over. The new salad came back without any steak and she informed me she took it off the bill. Shocked, I told her I needed a protein or I would be hungry. I ordered shrimp which was $7 for 6 shrimp. The manager never came over. My friend ordered the fish and chips. It was served glistening and wet with grease.

If you want a pleasant dining experience, go somewhere else.


About molly2903

Southerner by culture - urban west coaster by lifestyle. Born in Atlanta, GA, grew up in aggie Fresno, CA and lived LA, Seattle, Philadelphia and Atlanta (current). Enjoyed a 20 year career in Fortune 100 pharmaceutical and biotechnology in all aspects of commercialization (Ph2b-5) - for folks not in the industry, I am an executive marketing and sales professional.

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